Website Automation - Item list not populating when running from Uipath

Wondering is anyone has seen this issue before. We running on version 19.10.3.

I have automated a website that has several dropdown item list menu’s. When I manually open the site all the dropdown item list populate without any issues. When I run my job through Uipath one of the dropdown litem list no longer populates, but others still do.

I have tried different timeout settings to see if it is just taking longer to populate the list and that did not work.

if the one that’s missing is the first one, probably your screen eas but active when you started the drop-down selection

you can add a Activate Window activity for that window first and then try selecting the drop-down values.

You can also share how are you approaching to select the drop down values, is it Select activity or Hotkey activity.

Try adding a click activity to get the dropdown element activated (before the select item activity). Some dropdowns need to be clicked before the list is populated

That is actually how it is coded. When it clicks the dropdown the list is not populating, its just empty. The java console shows an issue with the ContentLoader.js.

I is the 4th dropdown selection. I have coded it with a click and then a select item, I have coded it with a click\type into\enter. I’m going to try the Activate Window and see if that makes a different. The first 3 dropdown selections have only 6 items in them. This selection has over 100.

got it

I think you should use, “Wait for Ready” as “Complete”. a you’ll find Wait for Ready option in properties of Select activity