Webscraping Google search results for Peak Times / Time Spent

Hi all,

I have a list of retail outlets I would like to search on google and retrieve the Peak Visit times as well as Time spent in store. I have an excel file with the list and using For each row, search each outlet in google, Find OCR text and write text string back to Data Table.

I cannot seem to get the require results. See attached .workflow.webscrape.zip (12.9 KB)

Please help.

Thanks in advance.


Can you provide more context? Where are you finding Peak Visit and Time Spent?

Hi Jarzz,

Apologies if I was vague. Im trying to scrape the Google search results page for this yellow highlighted part.



Please guys, really need help solving this one. Any help will be much appreciated.


@shah330 sorry for the delay.

Try this workflow.

Excel Application Scope. Save the Excel file to a dataTable
Use a For Each Row activity. Assign var1 which is your URL link to the row.Item(0).ToString
Open Browser activity using var1 as the URL address.
Use a Get Text activity to pull the information you want. Saving Peak Wait Time to var2. Time typically spent to var3.
Write var2 and var3 to the an excel file.

Rinse and repeat

Hi Jarzzz,

Thanks for the feedback. If you look at my attached workflow, you will see that that’s what I have done (as per your instruction). But I cannot seem to scrape the text from the search results page using OCR or Get Text even though the information is available.

It seems the selector is dynamic, hence keeps changing with each new search. Not sure how to go about extracting this text as I have about 1000 outlets to search?