Webpage not fully loaded. Selector not found exception thrown

I am trying automate some browser tasks.

  1. Select drop-down list value
  2. Click search
  3. A html table is loaded
  4. Click add to list add the bottom of html table
  5. Data from html table is added below in another table.
  6. Repeat

My problem is step 4 is not working properly. It throws a selector not found exception even before the full webpage is loaded. This was solved by increasing timeout value of the attach browser activity. But the time to load the full webpage varies. Giving a higher time really slows down the process. It takes a lot of time to load the full webpage, as the bottom html table size gets larger each time.

Is there any way that I can optimize the time required? Can I click instantly when the loading of the 1st html table completed? If not possible how to wait for the full webpage to load?

Webpage.zip (176.4 KB)

Process.zip (908.6 KB)

Hello @emon.matlab ,

In the select activity, you can give “WaitForReady” as Complete and also maximum Timeout(Average time it takes to load). Timeout won’t delay the process because for eg: the timeout given is 2 minutes and the page loaded in 1 minute, select activity will be performed in 1 minute. Please try to avoid any hardcoded delays.


Thank you for your kind response. I will try your suggestion out.

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