Webpage, copy text and paste in another textbox


in the webpage
i need to copy the Scheduled Start: date to Actual Start texbox
and also the same for Scheduled Finish date to Actual Finish:

appreciate your help…


Use ‘Get Text’, save the output to a variable and then use ‘Type Into’ to paste it.


@Rahim_Bsa If scheduled start is textbox than use get text activity and in actual start use type into activty


you can try with “GET text” to get the data from Scheduled field and “SET Text” activity to type to Actual field.

thank you


sorry im new to this, how to assign a variable of the Get text
and also type into paste it?

any help appreciated… thanks


@Rahim_Bsa Can you share the link which you are trying to automate


it is a intranet site… you can take any 4 textbox

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@Rahim_Bsa check attached file Main.xaml (9.2 KB)

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