Webpage click items,

Pls look at the image multiplerows

I need to click the arrow mark > which is in picture, then it updates some process, and that rows disappear
and the next row will up on the top… so basically i need to click the top “>” button

i did Element>Mouse>click, it works only 1 time and it does not recognise the top button,

I cant right click the open the new window and the html code for each > image button id is different
<input id=“rowActButton_1524325”

Any pointers, how to do this

Hi @Rahim_Bsa, Did you try <input id=“rowActButton_*" ??


i understand the ID is different for each time top of the stack, you may need to dynamically form the element Selector,

Assign the selector in a variable and pass the variable to the Click activity

see the trend for each time top of the stack and update the <input id=“rowActButton_#######
“<input id=rowActButton_” + Counter.tostring

hope it helps,