Webinar: Supercharge Your RPA Strategy with AI - April 18th, 2019 • 10 AM EST


Register for this webinar to discover how pragmatic AI solves real business challenges to deliver immediate, measurable ROI

Learn how:

  • AI is transforming Robotic Process Automation;
  • To differentiate between AI reality and hype;
  • AI is impacting automation strategy and delivering immediate ROI;
  • UiPath is prioritizing investments to deliver AI to our customers.

UiPath’s VP of AI PD Singh will lead the discussion followed by a moderated Q&A with Diego Lomanto, with an introduction on the Google/UiPath partnership and the future of AI from Hussein Mehanna, Google’s Engineering Director, Cloud AI Platform.

Don’t miss out – register today and find out how AI can deliver real results for your business.

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Signed up! Looking forward to it!


This is really a significant webinar for us. Looking forward eagerly. Thanks UiPath for arranging this :blush:


Signed up!
Just one question, I am from Spain. 10 AM EST? is it USA hour? Must I look for 10 AM EST USA to do the conversion to Spanish hour?



Hi @Guiomar

You’re right. A quick help:

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Thanks @loginerror !!!

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