Does anyone here use webhooks to send information to any external System like BPM or other tools? What kind of URL should be passed in the webhooks URL either a REST or SOAP? Is there any example available to know how to pass the information from webhooks to another system.

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Hi @RameshGJ

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Are you referring to the Orchestrator Webhooks? If so, we have the feature documented here:

Just to see how it works, you could set one up with the testing website, for example this webhook.site. You could then see the exact structure of the message :slight_smile:


hi @loginerror thanks for the response. I have a URL with Authentication how can I pass the Authentication in webhooks URL in UI Path orchestrator.

You can pass a secret string in this field:

Hi I am new in using web-hooks can you please tell me how to pass a username and password value in Secret.

Actually, I do not think it is possible. You can read more about the Orchestrator Webhooks here:

Could you tell me what type of authentication does your service use?

my service use the basic authentication with username and password