Webhooks with Automation Hub

I would like the ability for Automation Hub to POST to a webhook when an idea gets approved.

Use case-

Business Manager approves idea for development-> API call pushes the idea to Azure Devops as a work item.

I was going to leverage Power Automate, but from what I can tell the only api usage available with AutomationHub is incoming? In theory I could use a timed GET call to automation hub but that would be a lot more intense of a development then if hub just has a webhook?

Hello @Nathan_Betters ,

Thank you for the relevant feedback. We do not have web hooks today, but it is something we are considering for the 2023 plans, because we heard of various integration scenarios where web hooks would beneficial. The example you gave is relevant for this need.

The Open API layer is both around post & get. So as a workaround, yes, you can use a timed Get call to check for new ideas that reach a certain phase & status combination (for example Development - Not started or Qualification - Approved). Some customers are already applying this.
For certain the webhook will speed up things.

Hope this brings clarity.

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@Iulia_Istrate : could you please update me with the status for the webhook availability in UiPath Automation Hub ?