Webdata scrapping tab missing in uipath studio

Hi Everyone,
I cant find webdata scrapping tab in my uipath studio.
Does anyone know how should i enable it ?

Thanks in advance
Gaurav Bhargava.


Data scraping is the one which is available to scrap data from web… Have you tried it?

Use screen scraping. It will get the full text.
Please try this.

@gaurav_rpa Go to uipath studio settings and click Reset Settings.

Yes i already tried it but does not fulfill my requirement.
I found in training video that instructor clicked on Webscrapping button under design tab.

already done but does not happen anything.

I hope the name had changed in the recent versions. What are you trying to scrape? Both Data scraping and Screen scraping doesn’t help you?

could you please take a screenshot of your studio and post it so that we could have better understaning.

Hi @gaurav_rpa,

This issue occurs due to the incomplete installation. Please uninstall the latest instance and download the new instance and install it.


I want to extract data from webpage.

If it is in tabular format, data scraping will do that or if it is a free text, then use screen scraping

I need to scrap data from multiple web page so for this i need to use data/web scrapping.

@gaurav_rpa Can you share screen shots of the studio tab

@gaurav_rpa Data Scraping is nothing but web scraping. In older version it was named as WebData Scraping but now it renamed as Data Scraping.

Multiple pages scraping is possible in data scraping