<span class="mem_loc"> China</span>
class = "men_loc"までわかっているので、

" I’d like to extract Webpage word using tag. "
Good day.
I’m making a RPA using Web page.
I’d like to get the word “China” from following web tag.
<span class="mem_loc"> China</span>
I know “class=“mem_loc”” so I think maybe something activities can get this word.
If you know it , please teach me. Thank you.


Try like this:

            Str = " <span class="mem_loc"> China</span>" 

            requiredStr = Str.Split(">"c)(1).Split("<"c)(0)
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Thank you for your reply!
What is this variable "Str’s’ type ?
I’m trying to it, but happen to compile error.

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Here, Both Str and requiredStr are string variables.

Oh! “Str” is Strings’s omitted word! I’m sorry.
But I can get the word “China” by your way! Thank you!! :wink:

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