Web text loop input

Hello everyone!

I’ve just started using Uipath and Its really awesome! but I’m struggling to make a “simple” automation, so, I have an text input that I get from an email and paste it on a web page then click send, I’ve managed to make it work, but the text input get from the e-mail it’s actually a list of words and I’ve so far only managed to get the first word (top of the list) using screen scrapping I’d like to select the whole list and use a “for loop” to paste each word of the list in a separated loop, so that I don’t need to change the screen scraping value each time I need to run the automation

Thanks a bunch for all the great content here in the forum!

Have you tried scraping all the words and storing them as one long string, then you can split that string into an array of separate words and use a for loop

I’ve attached an image to illustrate.

Thanks a bunch Cona!! I’ve managed to make it work now I’m just striving to make it copy a sequence of lines in excel @_@