Web Selectors for click button

Can you help me on below selectors to find out appropriate value from website.
I am unable to click on “Retrive” text.

By using OCR Activity, I am getting below error.

Get OCR Text ‘A javascript:JobTable…’: Error performing OCR: Invalid API key specified UiPathOCRInvalidApiKey

By Web recorder, it is capture but when I run robot, it is not performing the click event action for this specific element.

Why are you using OCR? If it’s a web page you should be able to just use the regular Click and specify the selector.

Hey, Thanks for the reply.

I am using click but it’s not working. See below selectors while capturing Through click.

That’s not a very good selector. You can’t just rely on what UiPath gives you, you have to tweak your selectors to make them right. Is this a public web page? If so, give us the URL.

I tried to use different things from ui explorer on this selectors , but that’s not work. It is private URL from company so, I can not provide.

Is the applicationId always 300 in the Iframe URL?

First thing I would try is to replace all the spaces in aaname with *. So…

<webctrl aaname='*Retrieve*' tag='A' />

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I did . And It is working.
Thank You so much @postwick I Really Appreciate it.

Great, glad I could help. It’s frequently necessary to edit selectors, not just use what UiPath gives you. You have to consider that properties of an element could change each time the page loads, or when the owner of the page makes changes. For example, css-selector is not good to use, too much chance it changes in the future. aaname is usually good, and tag. You want your selector to be as simple as possible while still being unique on the page.

Yes, I always use aaname. Thank You

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