Web Screen Capture issue

Greetings all.

Spent lots of time to figure out an easy way to capture full web screen page. Tried with Fireshot and other extensions but not happy the way it works. I found one named Web Screen Capture nupkg developed by [vvaidya] - very easy to use but does not work on all pages. Do you know if there is an update on this nupkg? Is UiPath developing such an activities?

Name of the activities: WebScreenCapture.Activities.2.0.0.nupkg
Here is the link: https://aws1.discourse-cdn.com/uipath/original/3X/b/3/b3574e99ce734979e2f2768c3144d07409310bf6.nupkg

Web page that I could not capture with this: www.gsaadvantage.gov
Does any answer why I can’t capture this page with WebScreenCapture activities?

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Akim Alam


Have you tried with Data Scraping activity in UIpath ?

Yes, I have used Data Scraping activities. But this one is for capturing full web page. If you have any sample xaml, would you please share.
Thanks in advance.


Please go through below Thread:

finally figured out an alternative to click the Download image. Instead of using Selector, I am sending tab hotkeys to get there and then enter hot key. It’s not clean but does the job. Thanks