Web scrapping from detail view from each profile in the list view

Hi All, I have a situation where I have a list of 130 profiles and I have to extract every information from the detail view of each profile in excel as columns. So the thing is many of the columns are same in different profiles detail views. I am unable to create pattern because when I turn back from 1st profile’s detail view, than I am getting error of UiPath is no longer valid. Can anyone tell me how can I extract data from details view by creating pattern.

Hi @fatima_asad,


  1. screenshot the activities and error
  2. send your xaml, project.json and sample data in excel

Above is the list view.

And below is the detail profiles that are somehow same.

Hi @fatima_asad,

I am not very clear in my original query. I need to see the UiPath activities and the error, so as to create the “repeatable pattern” that you need.

New questions:

  1. Based on the new information provided, can the list view be ignored since what you required is to scrap from the detailed view ?

  2. How is the detailed view reveal ? 1 button to reveal detailed view ? 1 button to reveal all detailed views ? Is there toggling between list and detailed views (only 1 detailed view can be revealed) ?

Answer 1: Yes list view can be ignored.I need data from detail view of each profile in the list view.

Answer 2: When we click on the Profile. Detailed view of that profile is shown. To go back to list for opening the detail view of 2nd profile you just have to click on back arrow as in most websites we do.

Sorry I am unable to create any xaml because I couldn’t complete data extraction as I am getting error on 2nd element selection.

The main problem is that 1 selected element is in the detail view of first profile and when I go back to the list to chose second profile’s element. Ui element becomes invalid.
Maybe it find patterns on the same page. That’s why?

Hi @fatima_asad,

Please do not use the browser back button. This could be the cause of UiElement becoming invalid. Try instead click or double-click on the second profile to switch between list and detailed view.

Could you also examine the property value of Selector (root and child) for the first and second profile ? Note down any similarities and differences.

I have to click back button to go back to the list view. There is no other option to turn back to main page.

Hi @fatima_asad,

A workaround is to use activity Navigate To. URL variable contains the main page. After you have scrapped the detailed view, navigate back to main page.

Open Browser output is MainPage.

Attach Browser input is MainPage.

When we are using data extraction, we have to select two elements. My first element is on the first detailed view, and 2nd element is on the detailed view of second profile. So that’s why I can’t extract data. Once extraction is done than navigate to activity will be useful.

Hi @fatima_asad,

After you have select the first element, use the F2 button to pause for 2-3 seconds. Repeat F2 as necessary until you can get the main page with detailed view of the second profile. When pause is in effect, you can click back button but refresh the web page. Or you can open another/different webpage showing the main page and second profile.

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