Web Scraping, Partial match for DataTable column name

Hi, I am querying a finance site for stock prices. Sometimes the column is named “Close” and sometimes it is named “Close*”. How do I access the column values in this case via partial match?

E.g. usually I would use ClosePrice = Convert.ToDouble(SiteRow(“Close”).ToString)

Need this to work even if “Close” is spelled “Close*”


If either “Close” or “Close*” has same index in SiteRow.
You can use SiteRow(indexnumber) to replace SiteRow(“Close”) to make it work even if “Close” is spelled “Close*”.

Hi @wusiyangjia , for versatility purposes I would like it to find by column name, thanks


The second method, when scraping data from web page,
do not immediately extract the whole table,
one by one indicate each column by similar filed,
then you can set a certain name for “Close” or “Close*” column whatever you want.

Hi @wusiyangjia for the purposes of this project I need to extract the full data table


The last way, loop check each column of data table,
And if ColumnName.StartsWith(“Close”) is true, then assign a certain name for future use like below.
SiteDt.Columns.Item(index).ColumnName = “Close”

Is there a method to do this via Regular Expressions or Lambda Expressions?