Web scraping not working on multiple pages

Hi Team,

I am practising web sraping on multiple pages of a few websites. However, scraping works for only one page and for other pages it just runs into a loop but nothing happens and the data does not get scraped. Request you to check and assist if i am missing something. Attached is the Xaml file for reference. Multiple pages scrape- Testing.xaml (9.3 KB)

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Hey @irfan.mansoori,

I have made a sample named DScraping. I followed the normal Data scraping steps and it worked fine.

Scraping.zip (11.4 KB)

Tow things to be done.

  1. Maximum number of results > 0 (100 will be better to go to multiple pages)
  2. At the end of data scrape configuration in wizard, you will be asked if data spans to multiple pages - You need to choose yes and identify the next page arrow uielement.

Hope this helps.


Hi Nithin,

Thank you for your email, however if u look at the excel data extracted, its only 10 records where it has multiple records if u check on other pages. Hence, multiple pages is not functioning properly.

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The second sequence file doesnt write the output to excel.

Please go through the DScrape.xaml logic which has only data scraping activity logic.

Kindly add excel logic or message box to check the output.

It should work fine.

Thanks :slight_smile:

yup… this is working… but i still didnt how it worked as i was doing the same process. what i was missing…

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Two possibilities, as i observed.

  1. You have kept maximum number of items to 0.
  2. You may have made a minor error which selecting the next page option.

But anyway, now enjoy with the solution.

Let it be.


thank u so much buddy… i though “0” is for all records…

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