Web Scraping not returning any data

Yes, you’re steps are very detailed, thank you.

What browser are you using? Can you try with IE(since you don’t need to install extension) and if it’s Chrome/Firefox, can you try reinstalling the UiPath extension?

Also, when you select first name, then last name let’s say, the preview table is empty?

I’m having the same problem.

I’m using IE and trying to scrape for people with specific jobs. I used the wizard as you instructed but no end. The extracted data table returns empty every time…

Any new insight?


I’m having the same issue. Tried with both Chrome and IE. The problem goes like this. When i try to scrape initially it works no problems, but if I refresh the page and try to use the scraper again, it doesn’t return any data.

Tried your workflow as well, same issue…

Any solutions?

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I had this same issue, I was not returning any data after setting up data scraping. For me the issue wasn’t the delay for the page to load, but redundant ExtraDataTable variables. Once i cleared that the code @ovi uploaded worked with my specific data scrape. Thanks @ovi .

I’m facing a similar issue. My scraping was working yesterday but today it is just returning empty datatable. I’m totally out of sorts as to how such a thing is happening. Any ideas?

I’m sharing the sample project code, I’m using Firefox plugin.

Main.xaml (39.4 KB)

I have a similar problem from a couple of days. Until last days data scraping from the website below worked fine.
But now, I try to scrape data from this website: Banca Naţională a României - Implementarea sancţiunilor internaţionale

Then, I press Finish, but the activity doesn’t appear in my workflow. and no error show.
I tried on amazon, and it works fine.
Is there any new issue or bug from uipath?

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please check out your browser extension.

@ElsaCaragia i got the same issue from my end. did you identified any solution ?

Hi Everyone!!
Data Scraping function will not work on linkedin because linkedin keeps on changing the selector element something “Umber” and I have used wildcards but it didnt work.
So I used Get text activity and used the dynamic selectors and I was able to get the required data.
Use of dynamic selectors on such web pages can help a lot.


Guys, There is more to data scraping then simply running the Wizard. I guarantee you that having the wizard run the first time does not mean it will run each time!

Let me show you what I mean with a small experiment with the Service Now Web application . Kindly take some time to read this:

Open a new sequence, and set up the first data scraping activity. Don’t run it yet!

Now, refresh your browser page, and build another data scraping activity.

Open the Selector of the first activity and note down the selector id. In my case it turned out to be:


Next, open the second web scraping activity and check it’s selector.


Notice what’s happening! If the second selector has a different parent_id your data scraper will not work . Each time the page refreshes, the parent_id changes!


This is different based on how your page is structured, but the idea here is to give UiPath, the positively - identifiable information on the table from where you’re scraping data. As you can see, the parent id does not work. Instead, re-configure your selector to do the following:

Give it the address of the first-column of the table! 
Replace the parent_id with a generic wildcard *

Here is how it looks on my end - Notice that I included the name of the first-column of the table from where data is to be scraped.

Now refresh your web page and validate the selector. Most likely, this will work if your table column name does not change. Here is how it looks when I tested it on my side. I closed my browser completely, brought up the report again, and validated the selector.

If the repeat validation works, your data scraper will work each time!!!!

After a few tests, I was able to dumb down my selector to just this:

 <webctrl parentid='*_table' tag='TBODY' rowName='NumberSort*' />

Cheers! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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I had the same problem. Then I found out that I had two variables called “ExtractedDataTable”. I deleted one of them and the extraction worked.

Some please tell how to scrap linkedin data using uipath . I am a beginner .

Try the delay property if it works.

Hello Jesper,

Hope all well, were you able to find a solution to the data scraping problem that you were facing?

I have relatively new to RPA, however built the bot and while running it it not showing any error, however the output excel file is blank every time when I run the bot. Below is the steps I follow:

  1. Input dialogue to enter company name
  2. Message box to confirm company name
  3. Open Browser with LinkedIn
  4. Type into search company name
  5. Click to see all people results.
  6. Use data scraping
  7. Write CSV file.

Many thanks in advance.

Would I be correct in understanding that “column” doesn’t have to be literally vertically aligned data but rather data that repeats in a specific pattern up and down the page?
In RoboCorp’s Robot Framework they have a Get WebElements for returns the detailed locator of all occurrences of a field that match a certain locator. Each can be used to get text or click on it. In LinkedIn Recruiter, 1 to 25 profiles are presented on a page and each profile has several (and the same) fields of interest and buttons/menus that I need to interact with. I’m hoping this datatable is the solution in UiPath

I forgot to mention, the id of these fields are dynamically generated so the ID is useless. But I can figure out how to identify them.