Web scraping - It does not extract the data correctly

Hello, I need to check the status of some shipments on a website, if the status is “Delivered” I record it in an excel with the time that appears on the web. the steps that I perform are:

  • I read the excel
  • A loop that ends at the end of the excel
  • I open the web and enter the search code
  • I do Web Scraping
  • If the Estado = Entregado enter and save. Here I have the problem since everyone enters, even if the word is not Entregado.

I have created an example file and the .xaml

Thank you.

Entregados_PRUEBA.xaml (24,6 KB)
listado2.xlsx (8,0 KB)

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@Aguirre What is the exact issue ? Could you please explain and share screenshots if any ?

Like any field is not getting scraped…


I attach my problem, the pattern that I have taken is when a shipment has the Estado(status) of Entregado(delivered), but sometimes the shipments are not delivered, as you can see it always shows me that it is Entregado(delivered) even if it is not, if the “IF” is delivered It adds the date, I need to put the real state, I don’t know if it is a problem when defining how to extract the data.

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My problem I think is here, I am trying in different ways and the failure is that it does not bring me the actual content of the moment but the content that I select the first time. That field varies depending on the status of the order.

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Sorry if my understanding is wrong,

You need to scrape the last two dates which comes under Entregado right ?

Not any other ? Could you please confirm…

Hi I only really need a date and a status, but when selecting with “Web scrapping” it makes me select both, it does not let me choose the same one. I hope to explain myself well.

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If you don’t mind, Could you please highlight me in a screenshot only the part you want which is the date and status ?

I enclose two captures, if the status(Estado) is delivered(Entregado), to show me the status and delivery date, if the status(Estado) is different from delivered(Entregado) to show me the status and today’s date (Now.ToString (“dd-MM-yyyy hh : mm ”))

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One question, in my case should I do “web scraping” or “get full text”?

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Hey @Aguirre

Here is the workaround for you…

  1. Excel setup

  1. Workflow to scrape the tracking status and date

  1. Once I run it, this is the output

Hope this is what you are expecting. It may help you please check.

ShipmentInfoScraping.zip (9.9 KB)

You can also please verify the tracking Id’s manually

  • NV7DCP0200005290104118Q
  • NV7DCP0200003920104005D

I verified it, At the time of scraping it was the same as in excel.


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