Web scraping and saving the state of the browser


I’m trying to scrape this website:


Please enter data as shown below:

Click submit. Now, we need to loop through and click on each case number. Notice how you can’t click on a case number and open in new tab or window. Also, when you click on a case number, you can’t go back to your search results.

My question is this. How can I save the state of the search results page, click a case number, and get back to the saved state of the search results page? Is it possible to do this?

Thank you.

Hi @JJOhYeah

Use for each row in datatable based on that you can type the fields and after using click activity on the search and then click on the case number and then use screen scrapping or use get attribute on the search results of the case number and then give write range and then again loop it again the site and do the same


Hello @JJOhYeah
the link you gave is not opening…
but you can try like below [assuming case number element have hyperlink]
on search result window… try to get hyperlink of case number (use get attribute activity to get hyperlink)
after getting hyperlink open new IE instance and use Navigate To activity to navigate to case page. so your flow should look like below…

on search result window:
use data scraping activity to extract the result:

foreach row in dtDataScraped
use get attribute to get hyperlink
Open browser
use Navigate To activity to open case page
do your activity here
close browser
next row in dtDataScraped