Web recording Selector issue


As per the course video, I try to record stock price from web, it works for the selected company from the web page, but when I try to edit the “Type into INPUT” and run the automation, it shows the error:



Can you please try to repair the selector? My guess is the selector is too specific and changes when you refresh the page.

Yeah I have tried it but i get the same error


The error is noting a ‘Get Text’ error and not a ‘Type Into’. When you debug, use highlight, and see if everything is working as expected.

Please try and share your .xaml as well so hopefully the Community can help.

can you please remove aaname in your selector it is more specific to value.

It is unable to fetch the new input values

aaname? can you please explain


Did you remove the aaname as @Theepan suggested? If it can’t fetch new inputs, my guess is you need to omit the 286.49

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you can see in your selector you have aaname with the value of 286.49, this is too specific only work for this value. remove this and try add other attributes of selectors.

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Open the UiExplorer and on the right hand side you will see different properties that are exclusive the selector you’re trying to find.

I have removed the value, guess it works. But in the write line I am getting error for this statement “0+Span2-Span1” that cannot add int to string

change the type of variable. Write Line will only accept String. If you want to Write Integer variable, you have convert to string as adding .toString at the end of Int Variable. eg : in your case check the variable type of Span1, Span2

The variables are generic value, if I use to string, it shows an error "disallows implicit conversions from string to double

then its fine, just do like this in your case try (0+Span2-Span1).toString

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Getting this !
Source: Write Line

Message: Cannot add System.Int32 to System.String

Exception Type: System.InvalidOperationException

can you please give the screenshot of your code, also variable types


click Repair on top and indicate the item again. then you will get Green in Validate Area. Then Click UiExplorer Down as @bradsterling explained and Show me the UiExplorer Screenshot.

click the property explorer