Web recording from csv to Salesforce

One question, how to we do the estimate analysis with RPA project?? Please suggest the important parameter and assumption?

Hi I’m facing the same issue - recording fails on the New Contact Pop up. @ashusinha Were you able to resolve the issue?

PDFtoCSV.xaml (14.6 KB)

Refer this one

Were you not able to get salesforce automation working?

Previosuly it was showing some error however with some flow change and delay tab, its working as expected. Are you facing any problem with that setup?

It stops recording right after this pop up and throws the following error: Type into ‘INPUT 1624:0’ : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Do you remember what changes you made exactly to get this going?

Oh ok! What I tried exactly is that, I used a delay box for 10-15secs and along with this please keep the salutation tab enabled in your recording. Please change your bot accordingly, and let me know if that works fine?
Sorry for the late response

Thanks @ashusinha
I made a few changes to the selectors and it started working. :slight_smile:

That’s great! @oshinkavdia Are you working into RPA domain or this is for self-training?

@ashusinha This is for self training. I’m exploring the tool since a few days. I might start working on it in a few weeks.