Web recording from csv to Salesforce

While I am trying to develop a process were it will take data from csv file to salesforce. The recording process saved successfully however when I run the process the recording fails when a new window pops up while adding contact to the salesforce contact list. Please suggest where I’m making the mistake.

Can you post the screenshots? Is the pop up part of the recording?

After it press to New, the window popup for entering the First Name however the control is not getting there and throwing exceptions and error out

Can you also post what error you are getting,if possible attach your workflow? Most commonly the errors are due to selectors.

Click ‘A javascript:void(0);’ : Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector:

Based on the name, error is originating from a URL click mostly New button.

Can you go to properties of that click and go to selectors and paste the contents here

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we bctrl id=‘60:2901;a’ tag= ‘INPUT’ />

Looks like selector is dynamic based upon the error and the selector you pasted. you can use a wild card character and give a try

<webctrl id='*;a' tag= 'INPUT' />

Tried this approach but still it wont able to type automatically when the new window pop up for the entry.
I even tried two web recording sequence, one for each window but seems that also not working

Can you share your xaml?

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CSVtoSalesforce.xaml (36.3 KB)

What are you doing after clicking new and selecting salutation?

<webctrl parentid='29:2901;a' tag='A' /> --> what does this do?

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After that, new window comes up for the entry of new contact, from there onwards the recording is not working as per the setup.

Comment the highlighted one and try once

ok, let me try

do you have the idea about delay in response concept in uipath?

Hello, While I’m reading a pdf and writing on text file , it throw me the below error. can you suggest the solution. I have defined the occurrence as needed.
FirstName LastName Email Account Phone,
FirstName1 LastName1email1@gmail.com account1 2102121,
FirstName2 LastName2email2@gmail.com account2 3103121,
FirstName3 LastName3email3@gmail.com account3 40143254,
FirstName4 LastName4email4@gmail.com account4 501124,
FirstName5 LastName5email5@gmail.com account5 20842534
Assign : Index was outside the bounds of the array.

Your Last Name and email values are not saperated by space,mostly that’s the culprit.

This have been corrected with the use of delay as well as again the selectors assigned to the Live elements.