Web process automation that is not always the same

Hello, I’m new to uipath. I am working on an automation process of a web page in which order data is loaded. In the process I have to select a tab that has sales order lines, but there are times that this selection is empty because it has no orders. Here is my problem because I don’t know what activity to use when my robot selects this tab and it is empty.

The version of the uipath of my company is old, Studio 2019.10.6.
I know the activity UiPath.UIAutomationNext.Activities.NCheckState exists, but my version of uipath doesn’t have it.

Is there any other activity to accomplish this task?

Thank so much


Can you paste the selector here if possible?
Keep those activities in try catch block
in try block use the click activity and in catch block add the alternative method or any process related to next steps to be performed

It isn’t possible to paste the selector, because it is an intranet address.
What activity could I put in catches if what I want is to capture a message from the web that says “There are no orders”?

Thank you


If you are using click activity to select the order tab you will get a selector please share the selector
Place the activity which you are using to select the order tab in “try”, and if you receive a message showing there are no order you can use “get text” activity to select the pop up and save it to a string value in catch block and you can continue with your process afterwards

Perfect, I did what he told me to put in “Try” and “catch” and now I have it.
Thanks a lot

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