Web page scroll down action lead to unstable textbox identification

HI all,

I found problem in web page input automation as below :

  1. there are around 30 fields of input box in a webpage. I need to scroll down (hot key activity : crtl + down) if I want input the lower part of webpage. I use html “id” to identify each field.
  2. In production environment I found the fields at lower part of webpage always happened something like “the field not found error”. It is randomly happened because if the robot got error and I rerun the robot immediately, the same error is not likely to happen again.
  3. So I suspect it is the speed of scroll page down activity causes this problem. Is there any measure to make sure I can identify the field on the webpage to improve robot’s stablability ?

Thanks a lot.

use hotkey with tab that will navigate through all the inputs 1 by 1