Web page loads and then loads again

Hi all,

It is not easy to explain but I am facing the following:

  • I am using web recording
  • I record some clicks and at the following I get stuck
  • The page loads when clicking but it is not fully loaded yet, and the next click clicks something but it is not giving me the wanted next page. I tried using delays but it is not helping.
  • Please have a look at the screenshots below. When the page gets fully loaded, I want to click “admin”. But at the first load, the “admin button” is also already available.

First load:

As you can see, the first load already consists of the menu with the button admin

Second load:

As you can see here, I only want it to click on admin when it is fully loaded.

I tried the following but it did not work:

  • adding a delay in between the click on ‘projects’ and ‘admin’
  • element appear activity

Any other suggestions?
Many thanks

Take image exists or element exists,
and take do while activity give element exists condition as false and in the body perform the action i.e click on admin after that give some delay like 3s
hopefully it will work try this once.


Have you tried to use “WaitForReady” property? Try to check as “Complete”.


It will wait until the page is completely loaded to follow to the next Activity.


Hi @Lucas.Pimenta,

Yes, wait for ready is set as complete. No succes :(.

Kind regards

Hi @vr24,

Thanks for your reply but also not doing the trick :frowning:.