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does the “Refresh browser” activity waits for the web page to be loaded completely?
This morning it seems that the web page didn’t loaded so th ebot downloaded a document from the page not loaded instead of the one loaded with a data inserted in a box.
How to ensure a web page is completely loeaded?
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Cami :slight_smile:

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no buddy its how we press F5 just once pressed it will refresh and wont wait till it gets completed loaded
to ensure that use ON ELEMENT APPEAR or ON IMAGE APPEAR activity
and select the element or image that would appear when the page loads complete and set the waitforready property as complete in the property panel.
–inside that container include the sequence of activities to performed once the page gets loaded completely

hope this would helpyou

Cheers @CamiCat

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Hello @Palaniyappan,

have you got other suggestions for this check?
Maybe more robust?

This would be more robust buddy
Were you facing any issue on that
Cheers @CamiCat