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I have a webpage that looks like this.
For each row, except order 2000 and 2001,2002 I need to change the “accessibility” to “admin only”.
Any ideas how I can automate this?

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Using data scraping, first get the all rows informations into a datatable. Then, Filter that data table with condition row(“Order”) > 2002. It will be array of datarows. Then Find the selector to any Accessibility item. Build a dynamic selector such that, you can access Accessibility value in any datarow. Iterate through all datatows array items and do action.

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However you lost me with building the dynamic selector. Do you mean creating variables and adding them in the selector?

Ofcourse… You can use wild characters like ?, * or variable names

Hi @ravisangam,

Sorry but I’m struggling to do the following:

  • How do I filter the datatable if I only want the orders 2000, 2013 and 7000?
    I tried the assign activity dt.Select("[Order]=‘2000’").CopyToDataTable() but it outputs me the complete output… What am I doing wrong and how can I adapt the code to select multiple values?
  • Also, I still seem to miss a link. If I extract all this to a datatable and select the values, how do I make the link with the web page? For example if I selected all orders for 2000, 2013 and 7000, how does the bot then know to change the value of “accessibility” on the web page?

Thanks a lot for the help!!

No need to further invest time @ravisangam, however I’m curious for your reply :).
But I solved it on a much easier way (I could just do the necessary with web recording…)

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@yannip that’s cool…