Web Orchestrator with Enterprise Edition


This is a conceptual question I have: Can I use the Web-based Orchestrator (I mean, accessing https://platform.uipath.com) with the Enterprise Version? Or is it mandatory to install in the computer the on-premise Orchestrator with this version?


Sorry @Palaniyappan I don´t quite understand :frowning:
Can you please extend your answer?


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Fine @pdelgadogp

EDIT: sorry for the previous comment
I haven’t used the enterprise bots in the cloud platform, but i hope it wont be an issue as we are going to just connect the machine with orchestrator, but i would suggest to have a separate on premise on so that we will be more provisions for mananging robots, that is we can have more robots in our orchestrator where in cloud platform we can have only limited number of robots
For more info on this, kindly have a look on this which could help you

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