Web form filling with excel

During the web form filling with excel, some time due to network error or web sever issue, process stopped. I want to restart the process automatic and i want to skip all the already fill data. Someone please help.


use Try catch blocks

Surround the web form-filling activities with try-catch blocks. This allows you to catch exceptions that might occur due to network errors or server issues.

Within the catch block, implement error-handling logic. For example, you can:

Log the error details, including the specific exception that occurred.
Take a screenshot of the page at the point of failure for diagnostic purposes.
Use the “Retry Scope” activity to retry the web form-filling activities a certain number of times with a delay in between. This helps handle transient network issues.

To resume the process after a network error or server issue, you can design your workflow to continue from the point of failure. UiPath provides the ability to retry or continue from a specific activity