Web DatePicker

I want to select DateOfBirth from Calender, there is no typeinto.
My date store in dt variable, month in mon and year in yr variable.
I want to select 18-Jan-2015.

Thats my Year selector :

Thats my Month selector :

That my Date selector:

To select particular year I have to go back.I can click on Previous Button when I know which Year I have to select what if I have to select DOB from excel.Any solution guys?

I am able to resolve Date and Month picker but problem with Year picker.

Try using a while loop, checking every time if the year you want to select is present using Element Exists. Click back until the year is present.

@jcvsalinas Is there is way with changing in selector. I tried but its not working.

You can use dynamic selectors

Assign the Year selector to a String variable named selector
Then replace the aaname with a variable like this:
( this is just a sample selector from my project)

<html app='chrome.exe' title='PO Processing View' /><webctrl id='ctl00_BodyContent_GVMain_ctl*_lblDay' tag='SPAN' aaname='"DateOfBirth.ToString("yyyy") +"' />

The DateOfBirth.ToString(“yyyy”) part will return the year of birth.

Then on your Element Exists activity, change the Selector field to the selector string variable

I have a problem with seleecting Previous Year value. I am able to select any date or any month from calender. Problem with previous year. @jcvsalinas can you suggest something.
That is my Previous button selector : image

Already fixed?