Web data scrapping - not able to save data in csv or excel


I just installed UI Path.
I used its web scrapping wizard and it is working fine. It also navigates to further pages. But data is not saving anywhere.

How to make sure that data is saved in excel?

Have you created output variable as data table?

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Once data scraping is done you should have data table as output then you can validate output datatable.rows.count >0 if this is true, use Excel application scope and use write range.

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Hahaha @vivek :smile:

Can you please share some user guide for it ?

Ok now you have data scraping activity what is the output variable of that?

Hi Divya,

I am also working on a similar process.
In my case I use web data scraping and in the preview window I can see column names as well but when I write the datatable to excel, column names are missing.

Can you help me with this? I need column names as well.
Thanks in advance

There will be a check box in output variable of data scraping add header or in write range u might have missed to check it.

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I am not able to get it. It seems to be quite complicated or this tool does not work on the URL on which I am trying it.

See below screenshot of the window.

After opening above URL > Select Name/Area option and select any state which has some navigational pages For example select Delhi.

Now I want to extract this data and save it to csv or excel.

I used your Data scrapping wizard. It selected first row and showed sample data in first screen and then it asked to select next page navigator thing and I did it. After that it finished.

Then I run it. It navigates to page 1 then 2 then 3 and so on… till page 10 coz i selected 100 records.

Then nothing happened. I am not able to save the extracted data.

Please check above URL and guide me how to do it?



Thanks Divya. I was using Append range directly instead of write range first. So there was no option for add column names check box. Finally got it.