Web Data Entry - Read CSV, select right Value in Dropdown

Hi all

I’m new here and I’m willing to learn with your help. I had my first little success with Automate Web Data Entry. CSV to WebApplication.

My current challange:
Within the CSV I have per each row different contacts with Title (Mr., Ms), Name, Lastname…

In the WebApplication the Title is a Dropdown. So if the contact is a Mr I should select Mr in the WebApplication and if it’s a Ms I shoud select Ms.

I tired to work with a the “IF” component, but had no success so far. I already recorded the flow for Mr and Ms.

How do I proceed?

Thanks a lot


You can use as a simple way… Use if activity and check the title.from csv and use select item activity and indicate on screen and manually select item Mr. And else similarly Mrs. Same approach.

Let me know, if you have doubts.

thank you aksh1yadav for your quick reply.

here the screenshot of my if component:

i think my condition is not correct… the rest is like you said, right?

You did not enter a Condition…its empty.

i know… everything I tried is not working… so, what would you enter?

You have to enter a condition that has to be evaluated. If x is true do this else do that.

For example titleVal = “Mr”

And in your example you are using Click - you should use Select like Aksh said.

“Anrede” is the Attribute in CSV in first row
“Herr” is the Value in CSV in second row

still an error…

hi @giangy55

please find attached sample solution for guidence.

Sample.zip (6.5 KB)

Let me know, of you have any doubts regarding this.


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i got it now! i think the key-element which i was missing was “get row item” in order to save the variable.

thanks a lot!

Question: how would you proceed, if you have more than two values in the Dropdown? still with the IF-component?