Web data and excel data matching

Hi All,

There is an excel sheet attached. in that i have a “Course Content” sheet.
in that sheet, under “Tool / Content Type” column, If the value is folder, i have to click on the folder and if it is not folder i have compare the filename is same as filename in web.
i have to check folder name is same in web also

please tell me how to do it…


What exactly the issue here please?

Ashok :slight_smile:

Try to extract all the file names and Use lookup to find the file name which you want. give that rowindex in the selector. so, it will click on the file name

@shruthi_arali, if you asking for the logic then you need to get the data in the data table, then you can create the dynamic folder name so you can navigate as per your logic.

@shruthi_arali Pls share us sample UiPath code logic you have done so far and you getting issue.