Web.Config for Activities Feed

While connecting Robot to Orchestrator, a NuGet feed is provided by Orchestrator. In this scenario storage settings can be set to “Legacy” & “Composite”. I understand what to use when.

But I have confusion in these two settings in Orchestrator Web Config.
Setting 1:
- NuGet.Repository.Type = “Legacy”,
- Uses FileSystem for package sync.
- Packages and activities are saved in the locations specified in the NuGet.Packages.Path and
NuGet.Activities.Path parameters, respectively.

Setting 2:
- NuGet.Repository.Type = “Composite”.
- Packages are saved to the location specified through the Storage.Type and Storage.Location

In Settings 2, If I set Storage. Type = “FileSystem”, then what will be the difference from Setting 1.

Could anyone explain to me in simple layman terminology?

Anyone can help me with this above Query ? :neutral_face:

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