Web, Check if are still loged in

I have a process where I log in a web site and then get data from this page. But if you stay loged for a long time like a hour I guess it loges you out. I have to check if I am sstill loged in or I’m loged out and then to continue with the process. Please share with me ani idea that you have and you think that will help me.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Gresilda_Balla

Use element exists activity and check any element in the logged in page if the output is true then it is logged in else you have to login again…


But I am inside a for each loop and if it throws an error(logs me out) i have to repeat the whole process

Hi @Gresilda_Balla,

You can try the Global Handler in this scenario, it will always go to that xaml and you can check if the page has logged out or not!!!