Web Browsing and Data Scraping

I am using data scraping to get data from the google, the robot is running fine but when I use write CSV but data doesnt show up in the CSV file and I am unable to get the data. I have tried many times but I am unable to get anything.

Hi @sarthakgulati13,

Have you validated the data table has data before writing to CSV?


Yes in data table data is receiving. Actually when I use data scraping alone I get the desired results but when I use it with open browser and web recording, I am unable to get any output data through data scraping.

Are you performing data scraping inside attached window activity? Did you check with the selector, try to give full selector than partial one.

When I start Data scraping on the google search page it shows first attach browser and I have tried using full selectors, I am able to get the robot to work but I am unable to get the output in CSV or write line or message box.