Web browser opens but url shows unsecure forbidden403

Hi,I am using the studio and opening a browser url is :“https.rpacrm.bubbleapps.io/”.
I can open the browser but the url is showing unsecure:
Browser .
How can we fix it.


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If you open that URL manual then also it’s showing Unsecure ? If yes then issue with that URL and not with Uipath studio. I guess the URL may be unsecure.

Hi Lakshman,
Thanks for immediate response,that is not the case.URL is secure, I checked manually.


Pass below one to Open Browser activity and it should be in double quotes.


Hi Lakshman,yea that is what I am doing since beginning,getting the same error :image

Hi @Skk_Kks welcome to uipath community
Yes you are right there is no issue with your url

I have go through it

The problem might be The server understood the request, but is refusing to authorize it

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Check open manually, is it as same or not with same network

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