Web Automation Through Back end

I am working on a Web automation project and i need to go through 62 different screens to complete 1 loop. I need to process loops close to 2000 per week. The problem is the server often becomes unresponsive and automation fails even after incorporating try catch, retry scope etc. is there any way to fetch the data from back end instead of the front end website? any ideas ? any other software with which this can be worked out?


If you have an access to connect to the database you can use database activities to perform connect, transactions, disconnect etc.,

For more details check the link -

Karthik Byggari

Hi Rakesh - Can you elaborate it more as :

  1. What are those screens.
  2. Is the data always static or is it dynamic
  3. Are these screens dependent of each other or are independent
    And any more information that can help from further finding a solution.