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Hi Everyone,
Hi @Nithinkrishna

I need your expert advice on web automation!

It is on Moneycontrol.com website on Chrome when I enter Company name, it goes on to a secure connection browser< Send Anyway- I tried adding Click activity on it, it doesn’t take up when I run the workflow.
Any idea, what can be done? It works on Edge but I guess chrome has lot more security issue.
Adding a pic here

Thank you in advance!

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Hey @Vibhs_V,

This scenario needs to be handled by using keyboard shortcuts, which will be one of the best ways.

First please try manually,

  1. Open this page
  2. Press tab x times until focus goes to Send anyway button
  3. Press Enter

Check if this works manually and let me know.

Then, I can guide you in performing the same using UiPath.


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Hey @Nithinkrishna

Thank you for your reply!

I will try that. Can you please guide me to use in UiPath as well?

Though, I tried using click activity and it didn’t go on Secure page at all.


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Use send hotkey activity for every keyboard shortcut you pass to chrome from UiPath.

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