Web automation and Excel start choice

Hello everyone,
I am automating a web app.
The robot is reading lines from Excel.
The Excel contains the columns “Name”, “Age”, “Status”
After treating the process, the column status will take the value of “OK”.
Now if the processus is broken due to electricity problem, I want the robot to start from the cell that contains an empty status, not starting from the beginning.

How to do?



I hope you are reading data from excel and filling in web application and then updating status in “Status” column as ‘Ok’.

Before reading check whether column status value is empty or not.

If String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(“StatusColumn”).ToString.Trim)
Then continue your steps
Else Skip record

Are you using REFramework or not for this process ?

Thanks a lot!
By skipping you mean "End process activity ?

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No. You have to throw exception using Throw activity. And make sure this flow should be in Try catch block. Then when status column is not empty it will throw exception and corresponding Catch block will catch it and will go to the next record.