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Hi Guys,

I am trying to do web automation where I need to select one product using one number but u can’t see them on the screen. It’s in the backend tag name . Could someone help to do this one.

I am getting this number from an excel file and search this number on the website.

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Hey @Vijayakumar_Arumugam,

This can be done by means of UiExplorer.

First step is to identify the selector of that element.

Select a relative element to that on the screen in UiExplorer.

Go to visual tree panel and identify the TD element which you were pointing in the screenshot.

Right click and set as target element.

Check attributes in the right side panel like aaname or id where you have that number and then check it to true, replace the number value in selector by means of your variable to dynamically generate selector.

Hope this helps

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Share the selector of the element

You need to select from drop down?

If so then use select Item and pass your number

Hope this helps you


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Hi guys,

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

This is my worflow. I did to test the option.

What will be the if statement To select…

**<webctrl id=‘return-14424180
**<webctrl id=‘return-14424181


These are two option in the window and i need to select one depends on the value i need here.

I am little confused about writing the if statement here.


as the number is changing you can make two selectors with the fixed name, but it is not a dynamic selector

but those are only fix then you can use Try Catch method

In Try give the selector with 1st number
In Catch exception give the selector with 2nd number

Hope this helps you