Web application using css

I’m automating a web application which uses css and I can’t get the right information or fill the fields. For example I have to fill a field (after reading it and comparing it) for multiple records and the first record goes well, but at the second record I get the value of the first record like it doesn’t get or see the visible layer. Any suggestions how to always read and fill the visible layer? Thanks!


Is it possible to access that site from my side ?

Are you using Type Into activity to fill the required fields in the browser. If yes then check Simulate Type or Send Window Message in properties of Type Into activity. If you select these properties it will work in the back ground if it is not visible also.

It’s not accessible from outside my organization. I tried also Type Into with the options checked, but I still can’t type or read the field that is visible.


Could you please take screenshot of first and second records and send me. Will check and update you.

On top you can see what’s currently in the field and at the bottom what I’m getting from uipath, which is the previous record. I can’t provide more as there are personal details.


I observed that in First record selector it is showing ‘Kriti Jha’ and in second record selector it is showing ‘Sai Kalyani Muthyala’. It will change for every record and so make it dynamic to replace that variable text with wild card “*”.
Then it will work for any record.

The first one is not a selector, is what DOM explorer is showing and '‘Kriti Jha’ is correct, the second one is the selector and ‘Sai Kalyani Muthyala’ is retrieved, which is wrong.

It seems that uipath is not getting the correct data until the browser is refreshed, so if I put a refresh before reading works fine. So any idea how to get current data without refreshing the browser? :smiley:

Hi @Alinutza13

Could you try reattaching to the browser with Attach Browser activity? This should refresh the values (I hope) :smiley:

Attach Browser I already use and is not refreshing.