Web and excel

I have 2 payment I’d, for each payment I’d I have 10.invoices placed in Excel.
Payment I’d. Invoice
Abc123. A123
Xyz654. S345

I want for 1st payment I’d bot should proceed 10 invoice and then it should move to 2 nd payment I’d and proceed its invoices.


Read Excel File:

Use the “Excel Application Scope” activity to open your Excel file.
Use the “Read Range” activity to read the entire sheet into a DataTable variable.
Initialize Variables:

Create variables to store the current payment ID (currentPaymentID) and the previous payment ID (previousPaymentID).
For Each Row in DataTable:

Use a “For Each Row” activity to iterate through each row in the DataTable.
Inside the loop:
Get the payment ID from the current row and store it in the currentPaymentID variable.
Check if currentPaymentID is different from previousPaymentID.
If true, set previousPaymentID to currentPaymentID.
Process the invoices for the current payment ID.
Otherwise, continue to the next row.
use wirte range activity to store