Weather monitoring every 5 minutes

Just started learning UiPath. How to watch the weather in different cities every 5 minutes and record it in an Excel spreadsheet?

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Back in 2020 there was a series of challenges in the forum. The first challenge was integrating with an api. Kindly refer the solutions in this thread. There are many ways to do this.

Later when you have the automation, you can run the automation from orchestrator using the advanced triggers (cron expression) to run every 5 minutes.

My advice is to increase you resolution. i.e., a 1 hour interval is a better resolution. Most weather APIs do not update values in real time, it is mostly in near time. So polling a API every 5 minutes is not going to add any value to your analysis.

Additional information has some of the best datasets and API’s for weather data, you can explore the one which fits your needs. This also allows for extrapolated data in both land and ocean locations. API reference : Interface documentation

If you want to learn different ways to wrangle climate data in python, you can read my jupyter notebook here:

GitHub - jeev20/WrangleClimateData: This repository shows how to wrangle weather data for any use case. This is a jupyter notebook / presentation made during my Post Doctoral stay at Norwegian University of Science and Technology

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Hi @sazonov038

Since you have Just started learning UiPath, i would recommened you to use browser automation, where in you give the cities name as input and the same thing will be stored in a array variable, the use Build datatable activity(create column like city name, temperature) → USEappllicaiton/browser activity- > for each loop(use array variable) → type into → get text → add date row(for the Built data table) → then use append range activity out of for each loop to write the data in the excel file.

Happy Automation,

Vasanth Kumar V