Weather for a week

hi i’m to extract the weather forecast for the one week and when i run the bit next time it needs to be extract the next week forecast and save the data in the excel file
i’ve tried scraping the data but it is not happening


Can you share some screenshot of what type of data you want to extract.

hi i need to extract date and temp for one week

Hi mate,

You can use Data Scraping Feature in Uipath Studio, if you want to extract data from some web application.

hi tq for the reply i’ve use scraping and extracted the data from the web but the temp and date are saving in the same row

Hi @lakshmi3,

Which site are you using?

why don’t you try using weather API and develop bot with REST API activity

can u explain it little more clearly

Hi @lakshmi3,

Please, if you haven’t done so already, complete the RPA developer certification. This will give you a better understanding of RPA and UiPath activities/capabilities.

What site are you using to get your weather forecasts?

i’ve did certification and i found the solution for the above one

I have used this API in the past to get weather data inside of my robots, it both has a paid and free tiers depending on what you will need it for(which is great for small dev environments or personal projects).

You can use a http activity in uipath and point it here and will receive the information in a json file that you can parse. There are plenty of other weather API’s that you can use too if this one doesn’t cover all your needs. A google search of Weather API will pull up a lot of different answers and you can choose the best one for you.

sure tq

Hello Malusi,
Here you have a playlist with 10 videos all working with HTTP Request working with Salesforce, ServiceNow, and Jira:

and here you have a playlist with webhooks:

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