WeAreDevelopers JavaScript Congress 2021 - 2 tickets to give away

:boom: Hello everyone!

JS Conference-2

:point_right: Since UiPath Community is an official partner for JavaScript Congress, organized by the We are Developers platform, Nov 23-25,
:point_right: Since one of our MVPs :man_superhero: @alp.uguray will be delivering an RPA workshop targeted for the JavaScript audience: ‘How to achieve web automation with UiPath’, we are proudly inviting you to take part in this event too!

We have 2 tickets :tickets: available that we plan on giving away. We will give them away in request order, so please take into consideration your real interest in joining the JavaScript live stream :movie_camera: and making the most out of this experience! :computer:

:pray: Please mark your interest below by replying to this topic. The first two people to comment will receive one ticket each.

Thank you!


I have interest !

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That was quick! Thanks, I’ll send you both a private message momentarily :slight_smile:

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Enjoy the session guys @loginerror @Srini84 @Eduardo_Gomes_Sanglard


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Thanks guys,

I’ll try to make the best of it :wink:


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