We need to be able to stop users from editing parameters through Assistant

We just upgraded our test environment to 2020.10.4.

Trying out the new UiPath Assistant, I see it lets the user set their own parameters. This is awful. Users should not have this access by default, and I can find no way to turn it off.

The other problem is that even though Assistant shows the value as configured in the Process in Orchestrator, it doesn’t actually USE the parameter value that’s in Orchestrator - despite showing you the value.

This is terribly designed.

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Hi @postwick ,

Why do you want to block end-users to lack access to the parameters? What are you usually using the parameters for?

Parameters are for various things like paths to where the Process should save log files, who to email for errors or successes, email server settings etc.

We use arguments/parameters instead of Excel config files. Much simpler and more secure.

All along only Orchestrator admins could change Process parameters. Now suddenly they expose them to end users. This is absolutely horrible decision-making.

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