We need something like a "cursor" in UiPath Studio + Workbook and Excel activities difference + switch string + clickable elements that dont look clickable

I am teaching people how to use UiPath. I often get feedback as some things in UiPath are not “user-friendly”, although the whole Studio definitely aims to be.
From the feedbacks, some things that I already got used to it in UiPath are indeed worth to think about. Four main ideas for this post:

1. We need some kind of cursor

When you write a code, you have a cursor. It feels like we don’t need any in UiPath untill you try to do CTRL+C/CTRL+X and then CTRL+V . In that moment when you use Copy or Cut to activity (or more activities) and they are in your clipboard, and next step is to indicate where you want to past it is truly not ui-friendly. You have to click somewhere in a white space between activities (with no visual response) and then, when you Paste, there you go, here it goes.

As I said, myself, working with UiPath several years, I got used to it, but I believe there should be more keyboard-friendliness.

2. Insert workbook and excel activities

When you add new activities using the :heavy_plus_sign: sign in the workflow and typing name in the bar on top, at first you can easily differentiate between Excel and Workbook activities as:

But once you eventually use both of these activities… What happens is:

They both are now in “Recent” and nobody knows which is which.
TBH, I believe they should have at least different Icons, or some short prefix (WB: Read Range) a loong lloooooong time ago. It is super confusing since the day they were made.

There were dozens of moments when I said: “you know, this works like this in UiPath, don’t ask me why, there is no logic behind it, it just work like this”, but deep in my thoughts I am like: "those guys from UiPath, they don’t see this? Why they did not solve this?

That brings me to the obvious…

3. Switch and String as TypeArgument

This is the only activity that when you set TypeArgument to String, you have to type in the cases without brackets. (In comparison to For Each … and all other activities, where text-string always must be in brackets).

4. Clickable buttons/links that do not look like clickable

Super confusing thing. Very UX problem of UiPath Studio. Look, these are buttons:
Clearly. They have “look” of buttons.

But look at these:
(PS: here the whole line where is “Create Variable” acts as a button-that-does-not-look-as-a-button and if I count how many times I accidentaly add new variable… and then - go ahead and struggling to delete that variable… uuug…h)
And I can continue… Switch, Retry Scope

Try Catch is icing on the cake since some of the “text that does not have the feeling to be clickable” is actually not doing anything in certain moments.

I really like working with UiPath Studio and I see you are doing a great progress with all the AI and Chatbots and stuff, but you should definitely work on these fundamentals. :wink: What do you think? If you want more feedback and tips, let me know. I can design it for you, if you want :slight_smile:

@Roman_hruska thanks for the very detailed feedback. I added this to our tracking tool and these suggestions will be considered.


Thank you @alexandru for taking them into consideration! :t_rex: :slight_smile: