We are extending our RPA program out to include citizen devs in the coming months. To what degree is your governance involved in the selection? Are devs allowed to automate driven by their team's needs or do they need approval for RPA resources usage?

The idea here is promoting flexibility for Citizen Developers to choose the automation they are interested in creating. They can review the list of automation ideas and choose what they would like to do. This process will also involve a technical lead and the managers to review and validate the idea.

This is really good!

I am so happy when people are helping each other with different needs. This is crucial if you want a society to function. Unfortunately, people aren’t helping each other like they used to before. I was speaking with my grandparents and they’ve told me that they had a different perspective related to this. They were friends with everyone and they would do everything for a stranger in order to make sure that that person is okay. My company recently dealt with robotic process automation services and it was hard to find a realible service. The good part is that we’ve managed to find a trusty company and everybody is happy now