Ways to trigger a Uipath bot over cross domain ? How to trigger a bot from different server

The issue is we are developing a bot in our server and the bot needs to be triggered from another server ( client server). The trigger needs to be made over two different domains. what are the ways that I can use to trigger the uipath bot from one server to another without orchestrator access.

Hey @Swetha_Pandiyan

You need to have orchestrator access or to its API.

Else you need to atleast have some other bridging tool access.

Without any of these, it may not be possible!


Thanks for your reply.
Would an email trigger give a solution to this without involving any other tool bridging?

Yes even that can be done as well, provided the email platform has necessary provision.

What’s your email provider?

Outlook email

So it’s Microsoft then yes looks possible.

okay thankyou. Got some idea

Hello @Swetha_Pandiyan

As you mentioned you don’t have access to the orchestrator you can try below.

  • Using Email
  • using a file in the share folder and bot needs to access those files in the sharepoint
  • Using Gsuite activities and share drive

Can you elaborate on the second and third points in detail, please